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arbitration | mediation

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In offering my services as a mediator, arbitrator or special master, I draw upon my litigation experience generally, and my experience representing clients in arbitrations and mediations. I am a member of the panel of commercial arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) where I received training as AAA arbitrator. I received training as a mediator through AAA 


I charge $380 per hour, plus expenses, for arbitrator and mediator services.  Deposits are required to cover my fees and expenses. Other terms will be set forth in my agreement with the parties.



When the parties commit to and prepare for the mediation, mediation can be an effective and efficient method to resolve their dispute.  As part of this commitment and preparation, I will request that each party agree to terms to govern the mediation itself.

I normally will hold a pre-mediation telephone call to discuss the mediation format and any issues for the mediation. Then, if the parties agree, at the start of the mediation I will meet with parties together; after this initial meeting, I will meet or caucus with each party separately as they exchange their positions and any offers with the other party. If the parties reach an agreement, I will ask them to draft and sign a settlement agreement before the mediation concludes.



As an arbitrator, I will work to achieve the goals of arbitration—which are an efficient and effective arbitration process, and a just result. While I prefer to issue a reasoned award, i.e., one that explains the reasoning for the award, it is the parties' responsibility to inform me timely and jointly and if they want to receive a reasoned award. If they do not, they will receive a simple award, identifying the party who prevailed and the amount awarded.


"I view my arbitration and mediation practice as an extension of my service to the justice system and as a reflection of my desire to assist parties in resolving
their disputes."
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